Raising Finance for Business

Arnold House, Church Walk, Rugby. CV21 3BA

9:00am to 12:30pm 6th Sep

Businesses looking to grow will usually need to raise finance to enable business growth.

• Do you want to understand different funding options for different types of business?
• Are you based in Coventry & Warwickshire and a small business looking to grow?
• Would you like to know about potential grant funding available?
• Would you like to know how to write a good funding application?
• Would you like to know the secrets of creating a compelling pitch?
• Do you want independent advice from Funding specialists?
•  Are you looking to raise at least £10,000 to grow your business?
• Are you a technology based or innovative business?

9:00am     Registration and networking
9:30am     Welcome, Introductions and objectives for the session
9:50am     Getting the right funds for you – Grants, Equity, Debt, R&D Tax credits
10:05am   Preparing for finance
10:15am   Grant funding and applications
10:35am   Equity investments and investor requirements
10:50am   Debt Finance options and funders requirements
11:05am    Refreshment break
11:20am    Crowd Funding overview
11:35am    How to pitch for finance and tell a compelling story
12:25pm    Q &A and feedback
12:30pm    Close

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Effective Recruitment

Warwick Innovation Centre, Warwick Technology Park, Gallows Hill, Warwick. CV34 6UW

9:15am to 12:30pm 14th Sep

Recruitment is one of the highest costs incurred in a business, and one of the most time-consuming activities – so you need to get it right!
An effective recruitment process reduces costs, staff turnover and increases productivity because you find the right person and skills for your business needs.

This workshop will show you the tried and tested techniques of developing an effective recruitment plan from start to finish, so that you can spend time focusing on your business and what matters, save money and look to the future!

This interactive workshop will show you the techniques and structure needed to develop a coherent and effective recruitment strategy for your business, taking you through the journey of recruitment step by step so you can walk away with clear insight to put into practice on your next recruitment drive!

9:00am     Registration and networking
9:30am     Welcome
9:45am     Introductions and objectives for the session
10:00am   What is effective recruitment?
10:25am   Analysis of your current recruitment process – activity
11:00am   Refreshment break
11:15am   Checklist of an effective recruitment plan – activity
11:30am   Legal consideration and HR processes
11:50am   Developing your recruitment strategy – action plans
12:10pm   Q &A and feedback
12:30pm   Feedback and Close

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Social Media Linkedin for Business (incl Recruitment)

Warwick Innovation Centre, Warwick Technology Park, Gallows Hill, Warwick. CV34 6UW

1:15pm to 4:30pm 14th Sep

Linkedin is by far the most professional led social media platform available. Launched in 2002 as the world’s global networking tool, the platform has just seen its latest upgrade now facilitating relationships with over 500 million people globally.

This in-depth ‘how-to’ workshop will show you the fundamental techniques you need to know about to create a successful and targeted Linkedin presence, for you, your team and your company, whether you are looking to build your network or utilize for recruitment or lead generation – this course will show you how!

As one of the very first social agencies in the UK – there’s no one better placed to give you the rundown of step-by-step guide of Linkedin, and how it can benefit your business.

1:15pm   Registration and networking
1:30pm   Welcome
1:45pm   Introductions and objectives for the session
2:00pm   Linkedin – maximising your strategy and objectives
2:15pm   Analysis – personal versus commercial Linked – discussion
2:25pm   How to create an effective Linkedin strategy, personally & commercially
3:00pm   Refreshment break
3:15pm   Developing your profiles – activity
3:30pm   Utilising facilities and tools to maximize your activity
3:50pm   Developing a valuable action plan – activity
4:00pm   Q &A and feedback
4:30pm   Feedback and Close

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Using PR for Maximum Effect

: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/using-pr-for-maximum-effect-rural-innovation-centre-stoneleigh-park-registration-35910450123

9:15am to 12:30pm 27th Sep

Whichever sector your business operates in, it is a highly competitive marketplace in this digital era. It’s therefore vital that your company is highly visible.

• What is PR?
• What’s your story?
• Crafting Content
• Be a Thought Leader
• Getting Your Story Out There
• Measuring Success

The workshop will use examples of press releases, blog posts, case studies and white papers as templates for creating great content. Delegates will also carry out a key word analysis exercise and spend time researching story opportunities.

9:15am     Registration and networking
9:30am     Welcome and overview
9:45am     Introductions and objectives for the session
10:00am   What is PR?
10:15am   What is your story?
10:25am   Crafting Content
11:00am    Refreshment break
11:15am    Be a Thought Leader
11:30am    Getting Your Story Out There
11:50am    Measuring Success
12:10am    Q &A and feedback


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Essential Influencing and Negotiating for Business

Eliot Park Innovation Centre, 4 Barling Way, Nuneaton. CV 10 7RH

9:15am to 12:30pm 10th Oct

Business success depends very much on how we influence others and negotiate to achieve the best possible outcome. For any business to be sustainable, negotiating and influencing skills are a must. In this session, you will learn how to negotiate and influence to help achieve what your business requires to be successful. The course will be very practical; giving you the opportunity to explore and develop your skills in this vital area.

9:15am    Registration and networking
9:30am    Welcome
9:45am     Introductions and objectives for the session
10:00am   How to create a plan to negotiate successfully
10:25am   How to use a check-list of 21 top tips to negotiate
11:00am   Refreshment break
11:15am    How to be assertive to put over your case with confidence
11:50am    How to use the science of persuasion to influence others  successfully
12:10pm    Q &A and feedback
12:30pm    Feedback and Close

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How to Create the Perfect Crowdfunding Application

Elliot Park Innovation Centre, 4 Barling Way, Nuneaton. CV10 7RH

1:15pm to 4:30pm 10th Oct

Crowdfunding is changing the way small businesses are funded. This session will provide business owners with an introduction to the world of crowdfunding, its different types and the platforms people use. It will also provide business owners with our core steps to creating a successful crowdfunding application.

1:15pm    Registration and networking
1:30pm    Welcome
1:45pm    Introductions and objectives for the session
2:00pm    An introduction to crowdfunding and its different types
2:25pm    An understanding of the different platforms, their benefits and opportunities
3:00pm    Refreshment break
3:15pm    Learn how to create a crowdfunding application
3:50pm    Tips and tricks to creating a successful crowdfunding campaign
4:10pm    Q &A and feedback
4:30pm     Feedback and Close


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Communicating Skills for Personal Impact

Enterprise Centre, Wellesbourne Enterprie Park, Wellesbourne Campus, Wellesbourne. CV35 9EF

9:15am to 12:30pm 18th Oct

The ability to communicate effectively is a powerful tool. This workshop allows participants the opportunity to discover the impact that they have on others, learn how they can flex this to influence the outcome of the interaction. Communication is, at the very least a two way process: participants will learn how to build trust and understanding in order to communicate with the most appropriate impact.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:
Understand the power that their presence and impact can have
Recognise the ‘footprint’ that they create
Prioritise the importance of understanding perspectives, building trust and listening
Grasp the basics of Transactional Analysis and how to apply it
Use the Personal Drivers model to start to understand how we build relationships

9:00am     Registration and networking
9:30am     Welcome and Introductions
9:45am     Presence and Impact: The Golden Rules
10:00am   The Communication Spectrum
10:15am   The Communication Equation
10:25am   The Essential Listening Ration
11:00am   Refreshment break
11:15am   The Personal Drivers Model
11:30am   Transactional Analysis
11:50am   Creating a plan for communication success
12:10am   Q &A and feedback
12:30am   Feedback and Close

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Essential Selling Skills – Part 1

Business Innovation Centre, Harry Weston Road, Binley, Coventry. CV3 2TX

9:15am to 12:30pm 7th Nov

Selling is a critical business capability, but often does not receive the same investment in skills development as other business disciplines like Software Development or Manufacturing. But Selling can be the difference between a poor and great business. In this course, you will learn the most important skills that successful salespeople use every day, and become more confident in your own sales or customer-facing roles.

9:15am     Registration and networking
9:30am     Welcome, introductions & objectives
9:45am     Why customers buy – the emotional connection
10:00am   Preparing for the customer
10:20am   Making the right first impression
10:40am   Setting the scene
11:10am   Refreshment break
11:25am   Uncovering needs by asking the right questions
12.:15pm   Q &A and feedback
12:.30pm    Feedback and Close

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Become a Top Sales Performer – Part 1

Business Innovation Centre, Binley Business Park, Harry Weston Road, Coventry. CV3 2TX

1:15pm to 4:30pm 7th Nov

The best businesses have great sales team. These sales teams have been trained to sell effectively and they put those skills to good use every day. On this course, you will learn advanced selling techniques and disciplines that will help you move the sales process forwards successfully, making you your customers trusted advisor.

We expect you to have attended the Essential Selling Skills (being held in the morning) prior to attending this workshop.

1:15pm   Registration and networking
1:30pm   Welcome and overview of business support in C&W
1:40pm   Introductions and objectives for the session
1:50pm   Overview of customer emotions, first impressions and introductions
2:10pm   Setting SMART objectives for customer meetings
3:00pm   Refreshment break
3:15pm   Advanced questioning techniques
4:15pm   Q &A and feedback
4:30pm   Feedback and Close

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Thinking Like an Investor

Rural Innovation Centre, Unit 169, Avenue H, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth. CV8 2LG

9:15am to 12:30pm 21st Nov

This key workshop provides powerful learning on how investors and funders think and make decisions.  The workshop is for entrepreneurs, prospective entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and early stage businesses who are considering raising external finance to fuel their development and growth.  It will allow you to sit on the other side of the fence and become an investor and see a business proposition from their view.  Even if you are not actively seeking investment right now this workshop will provide you with key lessons to take away that can be used to analyse your business and develop a stronger and more compelling business case.

Topics covered are:
• Understand key factors in a business proposition
• Understand how investors think
• Assess real investment propositions
• Consider the risks and rewards and make investment decisions
• Learn what actually happened

9:15am     Registration and networking
9:30am     Welcome and overview of business support in C&W
9:40am      Agenda and background of speakers
9:45am      Who is here and why?
10:00am    Setting the scene
10:25am    Investment game “Be a VC”
11:00am    Refreshment break
11:15am     Investment game “Be a VC”
12:10pm    Learn what actually happened
12:20pm   Round up, final Q&A, summary of learning, next steps, feedback forms


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Developing a Business Plan you can actually USE

Business Innovation Centre, Binley Business Park, Harry Weston Road, Binley, Coventry. CV3 2TX

9:15am to 12:30pm 5th Dec

What does a business plan look like? Anything from the back of an envelope to a leather bound, gold lettered tome. The best plan will be one that is put into action, not just looks good. But what will be of most use to your business? This workshop will share a well proven model to help you develop your business plan. From this you will be able to enhance it for everyday user, as well as for sharing with investors and lenders.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:
Consider the 5 key words in your business plan
Define objectives in each area
Consider your targets and vision
Describe some of the actions you must take
Write a one page business plan

9:15am     Registration and networking
9:30am     Welcome
9:45am     Introductions and objectives for the session
10:00am   What must you do to grow your business?
10:25am   The Five Key words
11:00am   Refreshment break
11:15am   Objectives, measures and targets
11:50am   Writing your Plan
12:10pm   Q &A and feedback
12:30pm    Feedback and Close

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Using Partnerships & Channels to Grow Sales

Business Innovation Centre, Binley Business Park, Harry Weston Road, Binley, Coventry. CV3 2TX

1:15pm to 4:30pm 5th Dec

There is considerable evidence that organisations need a planned approach to partnerships, and to developing internal capabilities, but many find this step a challenge. A lack of partnering skills, together with a transactional sales process and culture, makes it hard to develop and get value from relationships. An unplanned approach can result in partners becoming disaffected and both parties wasting resources. Organisations need an approach that addresses more than simply the metrics and processes.

1:15pm   Registration and networking
1:30pm   Welcome and Introductions
1:45pm   What’s your Route to Market ?
2:00pm   Why use partners – new markets, international markets?
2:25pm   Total product – concept and execution
3:00pm   Refreshment break
3:15pm   Types of partnerships, alliances and channels
3:30pm   Developing your Route to Market strategy
3:50pm   Your partner proposition and joint proposition
4:10pm   Enabling and managing your partners
4:30pm   Putting it all together: the partner lifecycle
Feedback & close

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