Business Ready – The last 3 years

December 18, 2018

Business Ready – The last 3 years

Our Business Ready team are delighted to have worked with a wide range of companies in the Coventry and Warwickshire area throughout 2016 to 2018.

Early stage software businesses through to established engineering businesses have received advice and support on accessing finance, skills and knowledge, markets and incubation.

We have assisted:

  • Over 40 clients to raise £3.3m in external funding
  • Assisted clients to create over 70 jobs
  • Helped upskill over 170 individuals
  • Engaged 28 business owners in the newly established GrowthPlus peer group network

You can read more in our Impact Report and take a look at our client success stories from clients including Absolute Works, Lyra Electronics, IdealFactory, PetshopBowl and NEJ Stevenson.