Ringing the changes in Apprenticeships

February 26, 2019

Ringing the changes in Apprenticeships

There are some exciting changes coming up in the way apprenticeships work for you from the start of the new tax year. These include a big saving for Non-Levy employers (an annual wage bill of less than £3 million) in their contribution to the apprenticeship as it reduces from 10% to 5% while the government pays the other 95%. For Levy employers (an annual pay bill of £3 million or more) you will be able to share your levy funds between charities, connected companies, perhaps in your group or supply chain.

Apprentices can be newly employed people who you are bringing in to grow your business or they can be existing employees who need to upskill as the result of changing roles, entering new markets or different business needs. We can help you to recruit new staff via the national apprenticeship website and ensure that you only get good quality interviewees.

Whoever the apprentice is they will spend 20% of their time learning for their apprenticeship which will include time in the business and out of it. The minimum current newly appointed apprentice hourly rate for apprentices under 19 is £3.90 in their first year and for the National Minimum wage applies to those who are 25 plus. Most employers who are keen to invest in their apprentices pay the going rate for the job.

Recent changes in the way apprenticeships are delivered mean that we can be more responsive to the needs of your business and we would encourage you to become fully involved in the planning, organisation and delivery of the apprenticeship programme. We want to make sure that the programme is relevant to your business and to the role that the apprentice has or may be taking on.

OfSTED too is changing to become much more focused on the quality of the learning experience and its impact on the apprentice and your business. Their new approach around Intent, Implementation and Impact focusses all deliverers of apprenticeships on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment ensuring that they meet your business needs as well as those of the apprentice.

Absolute Works is a registered provider of apprenticeships and currently works in the Midlands and south of England offering its clients apprenticeships in Operational/Departmental Leadership and Management, Team Leading, Retailing, Business Administration and Customer Service. We also offer employers a full, professional HR and Payroll service. For further information please contact us on 01926 355560.

Give us a call and we will come and explain how apprenticeships can work for you!

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