Business Ready supports Absolute Works’ growth

Business Ready supports Absolute Works’ growth

Absolute Works owner Joy May has experience in mentoring businesses but when her own company was looking to expand, she had no hesitation in turning to Business Ready for some mentoring of her own.

Pictured: Ian McFarlane-Toms with Joy May

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The Company

Absolute Works began as an outsourced HR service for companies in 2010 but has developed to offer more services to firms such as recruitment, apprenticeships, payroll, health & safety and training.

They work with companies and organisations across all sectors and of all sizes to help support them with a whole host of challenges that come with employing staff, ensuring all procedures are carried out in the right way, and making sure that they get the best out of their people.

It was started by Joy May – an experienced Director and HR professional in business – and, in 2013, saw the addition of her daughter, Amy Martin, to the team who brought many years’ experience from the employment law field.

The Challenge

After adding a range of new services and a desire to grow the company further, the company wanted to expand into a new HQ and offer even greater support to clients.

Further to that, Joy, Amy and the team recognised that key strategic decisions needed to be taken to ensure the company was equipped for further growth and, potentially, expansion nationally.

Joy, who mentors other business owners, received some mentoring of her own through the University of Warwick Science Park’s Business Ready Programme in order to plot the best route forward for Absolute Works.

The Solution

The team at Business Ready helped Absolute Works in its quest to find a new property to expand into, settling on a new office in Kenilworth.

They also advised on the their bespoke online portal that offers a slicker service to clients and helped to secure a capital grant through Warwickshire County Council for the relocation.

Joy said: “We were at a stage where we were looking to grow and I know about the help available through the University of Warwick Science Park as I mentor other business owners.

“But there is always a gap in your knowledge and you should never be frightened to listen to advice from people with different expertise to your own.

“It’s good to have someone come in and challenge what you originally thought and to make you question what you are going to do.

It has certainly helped us at an important stage for the business.”

The Results

Absolute Works has now expanded into its new offices in The Square in Kenilworth and has already grown with 16 staff off its own servicing more than 80 clients in a range of sectors.

Joy said: “When we first moved in, we thought it was too big for us but we’ve already grown and the space is exactly what we need.

“The support has been extremely helpful in bringing us to this stage – it would have been really challenging to have done it without the help available.

“We are now looking at developing partnerships around the country to expand the business further.”

Ian McFarlane-Toms, a Business Growth Adviser at the University of Warwick Science Park, said Absolute Works was a perfect example of how to make the most of support available.

He said: “Joy has great experience and expertise in running a business but the fact that she recognised there was a gap in her knowledge that could be supported by another mentor proves that all business leaders can benefit from this kind of help.

“We have been pleased to support the growth of Absolute Works and it continues to be a great success story.”

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