How to Create the Perfect Crowdfunding Application

Elliot Park Innovation Centre, 4 Barling Way, Nuneaton. CV10 7RH
1:15pm to 4:30pm 10th Oct

Crowdfunding is changing the way small businesses are funded. This session will provide business owners with an introduction to the world of crowdfunding, its different types and the platforms people use. It will also provide business owners with our core steps to creating a successful crowdfunding application.

1:15pm    Registration and networking
1:30pm    Welcome
1:45pm    Introductions and objectives for the session
2:00pm    An introduction to crowdfunding and its different types
2:25pm    An understanding of the different platforms, their benefits and opportunities
3:00pm    Refreshment break
3:15pm    Learn how to create a crowdfunding application
3:50pm    Tips and tricks to creating a successful crowdfunding campaign
4:10pm    Q &A and feedback
4:30pm     Feedback and Close