Increasing Sales: Sustaining Sales Webinar (Part 3 of 3)

9:00am to 10:30am 10th Jun

Now that you have your plans in place, and maybe have taken some action already, in Part Three, we pull together all that we have learned in parts one and two and look into sustaining sales.

Topic: Increasing Sales: Sustaining Sales

Date: Thursday 10th June 2021

Time: 9:00am – 10:30am

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Part 1: Sales Fundamentals

Part 2: Ramping Up

Part 3: Sustaining Sales

Agenda – Part 3

  • A proactive communication plan: The end of a sale is really the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. Here we will look at keeping in touch with customers after their purchase.
  • Account management for business growth: How can you invest in your existing clients to nurture business growth? Here we explore the idea of hosting steering groups where your customers drive the direction of your services. Putting your customers wants and needs at the centre can help them to be less price-sensitive.
  • Resourcing the pipeline: When offering trials, demos and talks, what resources do you need, how will you obtain or provide them, and what happens when you get those all-important sales?
  • Replicating a model that works: This part of the workshop looks at testing and measuring marketing techniques and then ramping up the ones that work. The problem with sales and marketing is that you don’t know if something will work, or by how much, until you try. But then how long do you need to try to find out?
  • Cross-selling: Can you sell additional products or services to your customers? Here we look at customer journey mapping and other potential requirements of your customers. Then, questioning whether you are the right person to offer it. If not, who is? And how can you make it happen?
  • Building your fanbase – sell, deliver, repeat: Here we will look at how to engage your customers with your brand, building a community and creating ongoing loyalty – to the point where customers may even define themselves through their relationship with your brand.


These workshops are delivered as part of the Business Ready programme to support tech based and knowledge intensive small businesses, with high growth potential based in the Coventry & Warwickshire LEP area.

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, forming part of the CW Business: Start, Grow and Scale Programme.

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