Introduction to Agile Project Management

Warwick Innovation Centre, Warwick Technology Park, Gallows Hill Warwick. CV34 6UW
9:15am to 12:30pm 28th Jun

This session will deliver an Introduction to Agile Project Management. It will give an overview of traditional approaches, such as waterfall. The workshop will then provide attendees with an overview of agile, inclusive of when and where it is applicable, and the benefits of it over traditional approaches.

Aims of the Session:
• Introduce participants to Agile and Agile Methodologies.

• Presentation: Project Management – Why is project management so useful. Traditional Approaches – Waterfall.
• Group Task One: Running a project with Waterfall: Requirements gathering, design & implementation, delivery.
• Presentation: Agile Project Management – What is Agile? Why is it useful? What’s the difference between classic waterfall and agile? What are the types of Agile?
• Group Task Two: Running a project with Agile: Breakdown components, Run feature by Feature, delivery.
• Summary of Agile and the Benefits. Overview of Scrum: An Agile Methodology.

At the end of the session, participants will gain the following knowledge:
• What is Agile?
• Traditional Approaches to Project Management vs Agile.
• Agile Frameworks Available.
• When and Where Agile is Applicable.

Your trainer:

Christopher Golby, PhD. Christopher has a background in Computer Science and Healthcare Technology, working with various universities and healthcare clients, inclusive of the NHS. Christopher runs an agile software development environment on a daily basis.